Kinoo Mama ngina,

Our History

The Presbyterian Church of East Africa, commonly known as PCEA, is one of Kenya’s largest and oldest churches. Scottish missionaries founded it back in the late nineteenth century. Although started by missionaries from Scotland, the church is today led by Africans with its headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya. The church encountered major setbacks during the founding years as the country clamored for self-rule from the yoke of the colonial masters. The local community was then divided into loyalists, freedom fighters and the church. It is during this period that some church members were conflicted between either fighting for freedom and cultural practices such as FGM or embracing the Christianity spear headed by the colonial authorities. However, through the grace of God, the church was able to ride over the Muthirigu crisis. Through the years, the church consolidated and became stronger, forming several groups within the church such as the Woman Guild, among others.

The church’s main mission includes but not limited to, spreading the gospel, improving health through provision of health services, creating awareness and improving education by building schools among many others.

PCEA Kinoo, located about 15Km West of Nairobi CBD, has come a long way to be where it is today. It was founded back in 1902 by pioneer missionaries, initially as Kanithi Church. During those founding days, congregants fellow-shipped in a mud and grass thatched hut, a shelter that also served as PCEA Kinoo Primary School. Today, PCEA Kinoo is a two-congregation parish. These are PCEA Stevenson Githii Memorial Church (SGM) and PCEA Imani. The kinoo parish is within the Rungiri Presbytery. Other parishes within Rungiri presbytery include Kihumo parish, Uthiru parish, Rungiri parish and Kikuyu parish.